The family has learnt much about the SADS condition and what can be done to reduce the

risk of the same tragedy happening to other

young people, like Dan.


In both 2014 and 2016, Dan's Trust contributed £50,000 to Dr Vanarva's team at Imperial College, London, to support the PREDICT-VF study and get groundbreaking research into the SADS condition off the ground.

Dr Amanda Varnava, Dr Kevin Leong and Dr Fu Ng with Shelagh and Peter Bagshaw - Daniel's parents and co-founders of Dan's Trust.

“Each week in the UK, twelve fit and healthy people below the age of 35 die suddenly. These individuals often have no warning at all - they are fit and able to participate

in triathlons and other sporting events - but are secretly harbouring an inherited cardiac condition.


If we are able to identify those who are at risk from SADS, we are able to offer them

an internal defibrillator which almost comprehensively protects them from sudden death. This is why screening for these conditions is so important.”


Dr Amanda Varnava, Imperial College, London

Delighted with the success of this research, Dan's Trust donated a further £50,000 in November 2016 to support the expansion of the PREDICT-VF study. By funding early stage projects, Dan’s Trust is filling a significant investment gap. Typically only a small percentage of research projects can be awarded funding from government initiatives and large charitable organisations and these are often based on proof of potential. Dan’s Trust provided vital early support for the PREDICT-VF project and facilitated its ability to secure the funds required to realise its potential.



The £50,000 donated in 2014, funded Dr Kevin Leong's first year of research on the PREDICT-VF study, in which the team used a novel, wearable technology (CardioInsight Vest) as the primary investigative tool. The important advances made - and the demonstrated potential for future breakthroughs - crucially secured two more years of funding worth £250,000 from the British Heart Foundation, enabling the project's completion, which last year won two prizes at the European Cardiac Arrhythmia Society Conference in Paris.

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